Governing access to the Web-site

Any person who, after acceptance from the management of the Web-Site, agrees to allow access to the content of information he(her) has provided to the “site” (as referred there after) according to the terms & conditions described below. It is recommended that any candidate should review these terms & conditions thoroughly before deciding to apply for a personal page.


1. Copyright and property rights

1.1 Copyright and property rights for the Site and for all information placed on the Site, belongs to Phoenix Musical Internet Agency.

Texts, photos, audio and video information given by musicians (groups), thereafter referred to a "Client", presented on their personal pages, can be treated as an exception. Copyright and property rights on such information can belong to the Client or to a third party which has given the authorization for placing it on the Site. Phoenix Musical Ltd. can possess the partial copyright on the information handed over by Clients for placing it on the Site.

1.2 All information placed on a Site, is intended only for consultation by visitors of the Site. except for all information presented in the section "Internet shop" of the site which is intended for download by the visitors on commercial terms, as defined in that section.

1.3 Any information which can be copied or downloaded from the Site can be used for private viewing only, and cannot be offered for public viewing in its original or modified form through Internet, printed publication, audiovisual or other editions without written consent of the Administration of the Site. Infringement of this condition will be considered by site Administration as an illegal action and infringement of the legislation of the Russian Federation on copyright with its legal consequences.

1.4 All elements of art design and Site navigation are the property of Phoenix Musical. Certain names, words, graphic symbols, logos and other elements which are present on the Site, can be registered Trade marks or names of Phoenix Musical Ltd. It means impossibility of their use for any purpose without written consent of Phoenix Musical Ltd. You can also find out on the Site registered Trade marks and names of the third parties and their presence on the Site is the result of an agreement between Phoenix Musical Ltd. and the corresponding parties.

1.5 You can find on the Site links to other Web-sites which have been authorized by the administration of such sites. The Site administration guarantees that sites which are linked to Site do not contain violent, pornographic or erotic information, and do not include scenes with obscene vocabulary or violent acts. Nevertheless, the administration of the Site cannot be held responsible for such sites, neither how they function nor for the potential consequences resulting for the consultation (occurrence of computer viruses or other consequences).

1.6 Our web-site is hosted by a professional service which is commited to provide continuous availability (except for eventual maintenance periods that will be announced ahead of schedule). Phoenix Musical cannot be held responsible for an eventual break in the service independant of its own control


2. Client’s Personal page


2.1 A Personal page on the site can be allocated to any Client asking for it – ie. : a professional musician, individual or group (chorus, ensemble or orchestra), whose professional activity is performing classical music. Recognition of the professionalism for the musician is regular public performance activity, musical education, awards and prizes won at competitions and festivals for professional musicians, or his(her) participation in a professional group: theatre, orchestra, ensemble, chorus. Acknowledgement of professionalism of a group is its public accreditation, regular performances on a stage or in a concert hall.

2.2 Each Client should prepare himself(herself) all necessary information to be placed on his(her) personal page and is responsible for its content. During the process of preparation of his(her) information the Client should follow the rules and recommendations provided in Appendix to the Agreement between Client and Administration of the Site. Responsibility for reliability, information update, and also for respect of copyright and property rights on the information presented by the Client on the Site is exclusively his(her) own.

2.3. In order to be allowed to place any information on the Site the Client should, first, register. Registration can be done on-line through the "Registration" section of the Site and filling the form provided. It is strongly recommended to download and read the Agreement between the Client and Phoenix Musical before filling the form and asking for Registration.

2.4 Registration of the Client can be accepted or rejected by the Administration of the Site with the E-mail notice sent to the Client.

2.5 Acceptance of the Registration assumes that the Client agrees with the terms and conditions of the Agreement between Phoenix Musical Ltd. and himself(herself) which he(she) downloaded from the Site.
In this case the Client can prepare the information in accordance with the Rules presented in this "Information" section of the Site or attached to the downloaded Agreement. This information must be sent via Internet to the Administrator of the Site. Appropriate instructions on how to proceed are described in the Rules for preparation of information thereafter referred to as “Rules”.
The Administrator of the Site has the right to edit the information sent by the Client in order to make it compatible with the format prescribed on the site. In that case a notification will be sent to the Client for approval of the modified information.

2.6 After acceptance of all information submitted by the Client and notification to the Client by E-mail, the Site Administration will begin the process of opening the personal page of the Client.

2.7 Placing the information of the Client on a personal page of the Site is prepared according to internal rules and the procedures defined by the Administration of the Site. Therefore the design , navigation on the site and format of the personal page of the Client cannot be altered either upon request by the Client, or by third parties operating on the instructions of the Client.

2.8 The Personal page of the client will remain on the site during the validity of the Agreement between the Client and The Site Administration.